How Ratings Are Calculated

Let  me preface with the fact that ratings are done manually, and nearly 500 players are evaluated each season and mistakes can happen.  If you ever feel there is a mistake, please email me (,  I have no problem admitting a mistake or clarifying a rating.

The rules state minimum of 36 games to qualify for a rating.  This is missing some information.  It is actually 3 nights and a minimum of 36 games in 1 league.  The 36 games is what is played in 3 nights of C Doubles,. While A, AA, & Masters would complete the 36 in 2 nights, thus the 3 night minimum to make all ratings consistent. 

When the ratings are done, to prevent any undo bias towards any player, there are NO names, NO regions, NOTHING, next to the averages, only numbers to rate.  Although both averages play into the rating, Cricket does carry much more of the weight in the decision making.

I have been the sole person doing the ratings for the past 15+ years, hopefully this has brought consistency to the ratings over the years.